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RIBUS Products

RIBUS ingredients provide clean label alternatives and functional solutions for conventional, natural and certified organic products by improving costs and increasing efficiency. For more information on our many functional solutions, click on any box of interest, below! 


Application: Anti-caking, Flow Aid, Oil Absorption
Uses: Spices, Seasonings, Liquids to Powders without Drying, Tablets, Capsules, Beverage Powders


Application: Dough Conditioner, Stickness Reducer, Processing Aid
Uses: Mixes, Fresh Foods, Frozen Foods, Doughs, Batters, Gluten-Free Systems


Application: Tablets, Capsules
Uses: Lubricant, Excipient, Alternative to Mg Stearate & Stearic Acid


Application: Flavor Carrier, Plating Substrate
Uses: Tablets, Beverage Powders, Salad Dressings


Application: Emulsifier, Extrusion Processor, Hydration Aid, Compaction Aid
Uses: Liquids, Sauces, Extruded Snacks, Pastas, Cereals, Wafers,
Capsules, Beverage Powder, Tablets


Application: Tablets, Capsules
Benefits: Designed to act as an alternative to synthetic binders previously considered vital in making tablets and capsules