ZigaForm version 5.5.1
Nu-FLAC® is a hypoallergenic plating substrate for flavors and colors. Nu-FLAC is non-GMO and organic.

Nu-FLAC® is our “Flavor Carrier”

TeabagOur Nu-Flac product carries flavor enhancement in dry beverages, teas, salad dressings and other visible particulate products. Its all-natural, hypo-allergenic properties bring functionality, clean-labeling and cost effective benefits to leading food and beverage companies.

Natural, Allergen-Free Plating Substrate
Replaces Maltodextrin
Flavor Enhancement
Clean-up Labels
Reduce Impact on Color
Certified 100% Organic

Particle Sizes:
Tea Cut
Fine Grind (see Nu-FLOW)

Tea Bag Use
Any Non-Soluble Plating Use

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