ZigaForm version 5.5.1
Objectives: 1.  Gluten Free / Clean Label
2.  Replace Mono & Diglycerides
3.  Replace Soy Lecithin (allergen)
4.  Enhance Shelf Life (fresh, refrigerated or frozen)
5.  Natural / Organic Ingredient needed
Ingredient: Nu-BAKE®
Use Rates: 1% (based on dry weight)
Feel free to view any of the other specific applications to see the functionality provided by Nu-BAKE.
Observations: Increased Moisture Content.
Improved Texture / Cell Structure / Mouthfeel.
Product will have a longer shelf life.
Reduced Grittiness of Finished Product.
Improved Machineability.If your results are not satisfactory, please contact RIBUS or your broker to determine what modifications should be made.
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